Eat…Drink…Love…Sicily and its’ Aeolian Islands

Discover the beauty and flavours of Sicily’s Aeolian Islands on an Aeolian Adventures seven night, six day all-inclusive gastronomic ‘adventure’…

…with cooking lessons, vineyard tours, fishing trips, trips to local producers, exploring volcanoes and much more included!

Guests enjoy an extensive programme of activities on this fully inclusive guided tour, staying in charming accommodation (with no single supplements) and exploring the delights of the Aeolian Islands.

Why the Aeolian Islands?

These UNESCO protected islands lie in the clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Sicily and Italy’s mainland. They seem mysterious and remote, yet are easily accessible by regular ferry from Sicily.

The islands’ geography and climate are perfect for the cultivation of crops and vines; the ideal setting for our cooking and wine tasting holidays. Volcanic soils are the richest agricultural lands on earth; this, combined with a sun drenched climate, ensures that the islands’ slopes and plains are spilling over with olive groves, fruit orchards, capers and vineyards. Then there’s an abundance of sea life to be caught fresh daily that can speedily go ‘straight to the plate’.

Delicious simple cooked food, fine Sicilian wines, historic towns, volcanic landscapes and outstanding natural beauty…what are you waiting for!

Why choose Aeolian Adventures?

Each Aeolian Adventures tour is personally led by Laura Panico. Laura’s roots lie in Southern Italy and she has explored Sicily and the Aeolian Islands since the holidays of her youth.

Laura’s carefully selected itinerary offers visitors a glorious insight into beauties of the Aeolian Islands, from its stunning coastlines and picturesque harbours to the peaks of the volcanoes that gave birth to the archipelago. At the heart of the Aeolian Islands are its food and wine and the Aeolian Adventures’ itinerary is packed with culinary experiences, including several cookery lessons, wine tastings and even fishing trips.

Due to her local connections Laura’s guests will discover more of the Aeolian Islands than meets the eye, as well as getting to meet local people, many of whom are personal friends.

Joining an Aeolian Adventures tour means you will not only see the islands themselves, but you will get chance to meet some of the people who call this beautiful place home and to get a true taste of this beautiful region of Sicily.

Read on to find out more about our holidays and the delights that you can experience on your very own Aeolian adventure.

Cook your way round Italy’s Aeolian islands


Jeremy Head of the Guardian joined us to sample the delights of the Aeolian Islands. In his article for the newspaper about his week exploring the Islands on one of our cookery and wine adventures he comments:

“I’m rather glad Laura chose to share her slice of paradise”

You can read his full article online here >>>