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Taking in a live performance is an enjoyable way of immersing yourself in the culture of Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, particularly if you do so under starry skies. There are several locations where you can do this.

On Sicily’s mainland, in addition to the magnificent opera houses in Palermo and Catania, there are two spectacular amphitheatres, in Syracuse and Taormina. Situated overlooking the modern city of Syracuse, the UNESCO World Heritage amphitheatre was first built in the 5th century BC. Its best-known performances are the classical plays staged between May and July by INDA, the Italian National Institute for Classical Drama.

In Taormina, the spectacular Greek theatre dates to the 3rd century BC and is best loved for its mesmerising ocean backdrop. Today, its former gladiatorial fights have been replaced by a Spring and Summer Season of events that include rock and classical music performances, and most famously, the Taormina Film Festival.


Catania’s Bellini Opera House took almost 200 years to complete, thanks to the catastrophic 1693 earthquake. Finally opening in May 1890, the opera house boasts a distinctive Baroque exterior and inside, a classic red plus interior with arched arcades and an ornate painted ceiling. The annual programme includes classical concerts, opera and ballet.


On Lipari, the modern amphitheatre in the ancient Citadel stages a programme of plays during the Summer months.  Based on the classic Greek theatre model, the amphitheatre was in fact built in 1976.

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