Cooking class, Aeolian Islands
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Cooking Classes on Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands

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Our cooking classes are an intrinsic element of our Aeolian Adventures. This is where our guests are introduced to the flavours of Sicily and the islands by the people who know them best. Learn about the locally-grown capers, pistachios and Mediterranean herbs from the people who grow them and discover how the simplest of organic ingredients can be combined to produce authentic dishes that are enjoyed daily by local Sicilians. All ingredients are fresh from local producers or home grown in the kitchen gardens of our local cooks. The seafood, some of which you may even catch yourself, comes straight from the sea!

Although to some extent seasonal, recipes and menus introduce a range of flavours. Many of them are family recipes, handed down over generations but all comprising the freshest produce. Whip up some traditional Sicilian street food in the form of arancini, panelle, sfincione and iconic ricotta-filled cannoli. In the hills of Vulcano, with nonna Maria and Rosi, learn the secret of rolling maccheroni tubes, making tagliatelle and perfecting Rosi’s time-tested coniglio in agrodolce (rabbit in sweet and sour).

Cookery classes, Aeolian Islands

authentic experiences

Our lessons are relaxed, informal and suitable for all levels, from novice to experienced. Most of our lessons are taught in Italian, with everything translated by a native English speaker. Recipes are printed for every cooking lesson so anyone taking an Escorted Tour with several cooking classes returns home with a personalised book filled with recipes, photos and memories of their own Aeolian Adventure.

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Naturally, all classes finish with us feasting on what we have cooked. Morning lessons stretch in to lunch … which stretches long into the afternoon! And on the Aeolian Islands, where food and wine go hand in hand, anything we make is paired with local or Sicilian wine.

Cooking classes are also available on our Escorted Tours and our Tailormade holidays. We can organise private cooking classes for couples, small groups and families.

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