DavidThe words Aeolian adventure and her website caused us to contact Laura.  She was to provide our adult family group with a wow of an adventure.  Indeed, there were a number of adventures awaiting her group of nine who took the light-hearted jaunt she led to the Sicilian Isles.

As I think back now, each day provided interesting exposures to island culinary and oenological pursuits such as our ‘going behind the scene’ to test our cooking and eating skills producing many Sicilian favourites, and tramping old vineyards to hear the vintner’s historical tales of the love of his wines and vineyard while we checked the quality of the range of its output to our heart’s content.

This conviviality brought the group together as band of close friends to participate in other delightful activities as different as examining the fresh fish at the fish market, having access to a museum full of remarkable and interesting Greek artifacts, a noisy musical sing-song or two, or squid fishing – eaten afterwards right there on the boat.

There were opportunities to feel the thrill of climbing high to discover volcanic craters and evidence of volcanic activity, viewing the dramatic vistas like a modern-day Columbus, and even tentatively wallowing in thermal mud not quite as tranquil as it appeared.

But for me, the night-time excursion to view the ever-active Stromboli volcano was a real pleasure.  Our boat made its way through streams of bubbles venting in the sea amongst those dark islands.  Lavishly strewn across the heavens was a myriad of stars, fascinating in their infinite variety.  Even Van Gogh would have been amazed.  A fitting finale for an exciting week.  My family group was rapt for that moment, not an easy thing to achieve.

We thank you very much Laura, for your thoughtful organisation and care, keeping us on-track and entertained in an active week-long ‘complete change’ where everyone was full of smiles and sorry to leave.



JustineHi Laura

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for a fabulous week. I really enjoyed my time in the Aeolian Islands – from our explorations, the introduction to Sicilian cooking and all the wine sampling!! It was all so wonderful and I really appreciated all the time & effort you took to ensure it was such a smooth and memorable experience for us. I especially appreciated how you tried to tailor the week around everyone’s interests and changing whims – no easy task at the best of times and you achieved it admirably with the utmost patience and ever smilingly!! Thank you for accommodating my requests. The highlight for me was the last day, in particular seeing Stromboli’s nocturnal eruptions under a star laden sky – totally magical & a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you for helping to fulfil a childhood dream.

It all seems a long time ago already – work has a habit of getting in the way of travelling! However photos are a great reminder and we have lots of superb memories to draw upon.

Hope to catch up soon 🙂

Thanks again & take care

Justine x


John and BrianDear Laura,

I want to belatedly thank you immensely for the wonderful time you produced for us  in Sicily last October ! All of the activities you planned were memorable and not to be competed with ! John has gotten many miles out of his telling of the calamari fishing expedition ! I cannot pick one single favorite moment….so so many stick out ! One thing is sure I do not remember one bad or even ‘less’ then meal ! The incredible food, drink and experiences were incomparable !

We are having thoughts of a Sicily return this October……would be interested in your thoughts about where to stay/eat in places like Ragusa/Modica/Noto or Marsala…..right now those are the places that are holding our interest andf btw is Agrigento worth a visit all the guides say it is an ugly city !

All the best and stay in touch



John & Brian